Save Money and Stay Comfortable With Floor Insulation

If your floors aren’t well insulated then a good portion of your heating and cooling bill is going straight into the ground! This makes your HVAC system work harder, results in higher bills, and can make rooms unpleasantly hot or cold. The solution is simple: add floor insulation or replace old insulation which is no longer performing as it should.

Have High Energy Bills or Rooms That You Can’t Keep Cool?

Here in South Carolina it isn’t uncommon for older homes to be under-insulated. In some cases floors were left completely uninsulated! Replacing old floor insulation or adding a layer for the first time is a great way to cut your energy bills and make your home more comfortable all year round.

The Benefits of Floor Insulation

Naturally Fire Resistant

Fiberglass insulation, unlike cellulose insulation or spray foam insulation, is naturally non-flammable. This provides peace of mind, as homeowners don’t have to decide between filling their crawl space with flammable materials and the cost savings of new insulation.

More Comfortable Living Spaces

If you’re tired of cold feet in the winter and high electric bills in the summer then your next home improvement project should be floor insulation. An insulated floor is more comfortable and helps your entire home reach and stay at your desired temperature.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Insulating your floors is a great way to reduce your energy costs directly. You’ll also save money on HVAC repairs and maintenance as the insulation will reduce the amount of work your unit has to do to keep your home comfortable during our hot summers and cold winters.

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Why Work With Dragon Insulation


We’re Insulation Retrofit Specialists

Most insulation companies prefer working with builders on new homes where the decorum of their installers isn’t ever put on display. Dragon Insulation is different, as Columbia’s experts we specialize in replacing and upgrading insulation in existing construction. All of our home insulation contractors are professionals who will treat you and your home with respect.


High Quality Materials

While we love repeat business, the reality is that the insulation we install will last 30+ years. Fiberglass insulation has been used for the past eight decades and over that time has proven itself to be one the best home insulation types available.


Licensed and Fully Insured

Any time you have someone working on your house it is essential that they be properly licensed and insured. At Dragon Insulation we are fully licensed and insured professionals who specialize in insulation installation.


Competitive Pricing

We always encourage our customers to price shop, because we know that we deliver fantastic results for a great price. Get a free quote and see for yourself!

Floor Insultation FAQs

What does R-Value Mean?

R-Value is a number used to describe a material’s resistance to the flow of heat. The higher the r-value of the insulation, the less heat loss or heat gain a space will experience.

Can I add insulation on top of my existing crawl space insulation?

Possibly! Depending on what sort of insulation you have installed we may be able to add another layer of insulation. Our home insulation contractor will assess the current status of your insulation to determine if this is feasible.

In cases of rodent infestation or water damage we recommend completely removing the old insulation material prior to installing new insulation.

What is the right amount of insulation for my home?

The minimum amount of insulation appropriate for your home depends on where you live. For homes in Columbia, Lexington, and Greenville SC it’s recommended that your floors are R-19 or better. Every home is constructed differently and our insulation experts will be able to assess your insulation needs and let you know what the right insulation solution looks like for you.

How long does insulation last?

Fiberglass batt insulation is incredibly long lasting, easily providing a service life of 30 years. The fiberglass itself actually lasts essentially forever, but as gravity pulls the insulation down and packs it more tightly it gradually loses its insulating properties.

My home is on a slab, can I still add insulation to my floors?

Unfortunately we only are able to insulate floors in homes which are built over crawl spaces or basements. If your home is built on a slab and you’d like the benefits of additional insulation, we offer other insulation services including wall and attic insulation.

What type of insulation can you use for floor insulation?

When it comes to insulating floors, the three most common types of insulation used are fiberglass batts, rigid foam board insulation, and spray foam insulation.

Our preferred material is fiberglass batts, as they offer long life (30+ years), are naturally fire retardant (no added chemicals), and can provide significant insulation (R-19) when installed between 2×6 floor joists.

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