Reduce Cooling Costs By 10% With NASA-Developed Radiant Barrier Technology

Originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts from space radiation, radiant barrier insulation can help keep your home cooler in the summer too! It looks like something straight out of science fiction because, in a way, it is!

Supplement Your Insulation with A Radiant Barrier to Save More in the Summer

Radiant barrier installation reduces your summer cooling bills by reflecting radiant heat from the underside of the roof up and away from your home. By preventing this radiant energy from being absorbed by your existing insulation, your home stays cooler, even under the harsh sun of a Carolina summer.

The Benefits of Radiant Barrier Insulation

Cooler Attic & Increased Energy Efficiency

Radiant barriers lower your attic temperature, helping your air conditioning units experience less stress, allowing them to last longer and saving you more money over time. When used in conjunction with traditional fiberglass insulation, homeowners can expect to see their energy bills fall by 5% during warm spring and summer months.

More Comfortable Living Spaces

By reducing the amount of radiant energy pouring through your ceiling, top floor and south facing rooms will be more comfortable even in the dog days of summer. It is important to pair a radiant barrier with traditional insulation as reflective insulation only prevents radiant heat transfer and does not help with heat transfer via convection or conduction.

Easy Attic Storage

Adding insulation to your attic can result in reduced attic floor space – and for some folks this means losing out on valuable real estate for storing holiday decorations! Radiant barriers provide efficiency improvements without reducing your attic space.

Why Work With Dragon Insulation


We’re Insulation Retrofit Specialists

Most insulation companies prefer working in new construction homes where the decorum of their installers isn’t ever put on display. Dragon Insulation is different, as we specialize in replacing and upgrading insulation in existing construction. All of our installers are professionals who will treat you and your home with respect.


High Quality Materials

While we love repeat business, the reality is that the radiant barriers we install will last 30+ years. Radiant barrier insulation is resistant to mold and mildew, and when properly installed, will reduce your utility bills for decades.


Licensed and Fully Insured

Any time you have someone working on your house it is essential that they be properly licensed and insured. At Dragon Insulation we are fully licensed and insured professionals who specialize in insulation installation.


Competitive Pricing

We always encourage our customers to price shop, because we know that we deliver fantastic results for a great price. Get a free quote and see for yourself!

Radiant Barrier FAQs

Do radiant barriers increase the R-Value of my insulation?

No, radiant barriers actually prevent a different sort of heat transfer. R-Value is a number used to describe a material’s resistance to the flow of heat, and this flow takes place via conduction. Conduction describes the type of heat transfer through objects that are touching one another, while radiant barriers reduce radiant transmission.

Do radiant barriers help in hot climates?

Yes, attic radiant barriers yield the greatest energy savings in hot climates where homes have HVAC ductwork in the attic. Most homes in Columbia are built in exactly this way, making Midlands area homes great candidates for a radiant barrier.

How do radiant barriers work?

Radiant barriers work by layering reflective materials, such as aluminum foil, atop a substrate like plywood or flexible plastic sheeting. These barriers reduce heat gain in your attic by reflecting infrared light (heat) away from your home.

Can I use radiant barrier insulation instead of traditional attic insulation?

Here in Columbia SC, it is not recommended to only use radiant barrier insulation. Instead, radiant barriers are best used as a supplement to other insulation materials, like blown fiberglass insulation.

How long does radiant barrier insulation last?

Foil insulation lasts an incredibly long time, easily providing benefits for decades. Dust build-up can reduce their efficacy, however when installed correctly this effect will be negligible.

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